John T. Willis

Saturday, June 19, 2010

South Pacific Bible College

Evelyn and I just returned from the South Pacific Bible College in Tauranga, New Zealand. I taught four weeks and preached three times there.

My students there are from Pakistan, South Korea, the Philippines, Fiji, Thailand, and New Zealand. The class was Exodus to Exile [the Books of Exodus through Second Kings].

The students are very good, and will be significant participators in the future of the growth of the kingdom of God. They all worked hard, and did a good job.

During this time, we hosted the Reunion. There were 220 in attendance, and approximately 60 of my former students came from all places. This was a wonderful reunion.

Ken Young did a wonderful job in leading the singing for four days--with his wife Marka. Tim Woodroof did the preaching, and did a wonderful job on "The Journey." There were also classes by Terry Brown and Charles and Cara Spear and Donna Palmer. We had a lot of memories and conversation and food. This was a great time.

The staff at the South Pacific Bible College is doing a great job. These are Steve Raine, David Nelson, Mike Austin, Roger Craig, Cheryl Pratt, Helen Smith. The shepherds at Otumoetai Church of Christ are wonderful promoters and supporters of the church. The youth is growing, and there is a great future in this part of the world.

Several visiting students from around the world were there, including Marcelo Toro and Pablo Sanchez in Santiago, Chile, Valerie Rossey and Matraca Moore in Texas. Others are working all over New Zealand.

I hope YOU have an opportunity to go to New Zealand. This was our eighth trip, and have great friends for many years while teaching and preaching in Tauranga and other places.

Let me hear from YOU. Share YOUR thoughts with others.

John Willis