John T. Willis

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ronnie Lorenz

Many people never heard of Ronnie Lorenz. But, of course, this is true of every person on planet earth. I just participated in the funeral of Ronnie Lorenz at the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. I have known Ronnie and his wife Darla for approximately 35 years. Ronnie and I served as fellow-shepherds at Highland for many years. Ronnie has two daughters, Robyn and Brooke. They have wonderful husbands, and Ronnie has four grandchildren. David Dalzell and Joe Sharp gave warm, insightful, uplifting talks about Ronnie. Robyn and the four grandchildren also shared their thoughts. The a cappella and instrumental music was dynamic and motivating. But the important aspect of all of this is the nature and life of Ronnie. Four points stand out. 1. Ronnie was a devoted husband and father and grandfather. Ronnie and Darla were married almost 47 years. They deeply loved each other, and they worked hand in hand in every aspect of life. Their children and in-laws and grandchildren love them deeply. What a great godly model through Jesus Christ our Lord. 2. Ronnie was unselfish. He considered others better than himself. His life demonstrated this in every way. This made Ronnie comfortable and approachable and lovable. Everyone loves Ronnie. 3. Ronnie looked to God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord as the ONLY LEADER in his life and in the life of the church of which he is a vital part. Ronnie felt and behaved as God's follower, God's disciple, God's servant. He followed the example of Jesus Christ in Matthew 20:20-28. 4. Ronnie trusted fully in God when he encountered opposition and failure. Ronnie would kindly step aside and move forward rather than being angry and trying to defend himself. When I think of Ronnie, I think of Jesus. Jesus loved God the Father. Jesus loved all other human beings. Jesus kindly stepped aside when opponents accused him and ultimately kill him on the cross. Jesus declared he was a servant, and did not expect others to serve him. The people of God have a great future because of the great examples of human beings like Ronnie Lorenz. He inspired all of us to live for God through Jesus Christ. Share YOURS experiences and fears and shortcomings and desires and reversals with others. Let me hear from YOU. John Willis


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