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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Wise and the Fool in Proverbs 10

Throughout the Book of Proverbs, the terms "wise" and "foolish" are very common and very important. According to the Bible, especially Proverbs, a fool is not really an idiot, an imbecile, a moron, a dupe, or anything like that. Rather, a fool is the opposite of a wise person. These terms have to do with the heart and the life, not with the intellect or the brain. A man or woman may be brilliant intellectually, but a fool because of his or her spiritual nature and behavior. The Bible portrays the wise and the fool is specific ways. Here are some of the main ones: 1. A wise person is provident and prudent; a fool is neither provident nor prudent. See Proverbs 12:11. 2. A wise person is self-controlled; a fool is hot-tempered. See Proverbs 14:17. 3. A wise person measures his or thoughts and words; a fool talks loosely and too much. See Proverbs 26:7. 4. A wise person is devoted to God; a fool is willfully sinful and perverse. See Proverbs 12:1. 5. A wise person is dedicated to God and to serve others; a fool is dedicated to a life of pleasure for self. See Proverbs 6:32. 6. A wise person learns and obeys God's instructions; a fool rejects God's will and refuses to obey God. See Proverbs 1:7. 7. A wise person gladly submits his or her will to God; a fool is stubborn and constantly receives God's discipline and punishment. See Proverbs 10:13. Proverbs 10 highlight the contrast between the wise and the foolish. Here are some key ideas. a. Proverbs 10:1--A WISE child makes a glad father, but a FOOLISH child is a mother's grief. All human beings should consider the background and feelings of their parents. Any parent may be wicked or irresponsible, and yet each person must be conscious of the concerns of good parents. b. Proverbs 10:8--The WISE of heart will heed commandments, but a babbling FOOL will come to ruin. Every person needs divine guidance and instruction. It is foolish to be self-centered. It is supremely important to study, learn, and obey God's word, God's will. c. Proverbs 10:14--The WISE lay up knowledge, but the babbling of a FOOL brings ruin near. All human beings must GROW just as a tree must grow to bear fruit. In order to grow, any individual must study and build upon what others have revealed. In this way, a person will become wise over time. d. Proverbs 10:21--The lips of the righteous feed many, but FOOLS die for lack of sense. We human beings are here on earth to help others. As we grow spiritually, naturally we turn to feed others physically and spiritually. A FOOL is concerned only for himself or herself, and is not concerned about the well-being of others. e. Proverbs 10:23--Doing wrong is like sport to a FOOL, but WISE conduct is pleasure to a person of understanding. A FOOL loves to hurt other people and watch them suffer and grovel. A WISE person is concerned about others and rejoices in the successes of others. There are many other statements throughout Proverbs about the WISE and the FOOLISH. Study Proverbs to gain much spiritual understanding and growth. Share YOUR fears and background and cares and aspirations and needs with others. Let me hear from YOU. John Willis


  • Great post. Appreciate the thoughts. Life changing. Thanks again.

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