John T. Willis

Thursday, December 16, 2010


In December 2003, a team of wildlife researchers found "a new species" on planet earth. The natives called this creature a kipunji or the Highland Mangabey, and experts now entitle this Rungwecebus kipunji, named after Mount Rungwe.

The kipunji is a species of Old World monkey living in the highland forests of Tanzania in Africa. This monkey is approximately three feet long and has long brown fur, which stands in tufts on the sides of top of its head. Its face and eyelids are uniformly black.

Experts have found approximately 1,100 individual kipunji monkeys. All the males emit a loud call somewhat like a honk-bark to coordinate spacing between different groups.

The kipunji are limited to seven square miles of forest in two isolated regions, and thus are an endangered species. The kipunji are more closely related to the baboon (genus Papio) than the other mangabeys in the genus Lophocebus.

Scholars anticipate that by the year 2050, biologists will discover at least 2,000 new mammal species worldwide.

This "new creature" is a tremendous discovery. But far beyond this, our Creator repeatedly reveals his awesome amazements and surprises.

I hope and pray that YOU appreciate God's work and will worship him daily.

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John Willis


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