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Monday, December 06, 2010

The DNA of Jacob

Jacob, the younger son of Isaac, the grandson of Abraham, is the name of the people of God, the people of Israel.

At birth, Isaac and Rebekah had twins. The firstborn was Esau, and the second was Jacob. When Jacob was coming forth from Rebekah's womb, he was taking by or holding on the heel of his brother Esau. This act of "taking by or holding the heel" means Jacob in Hebrew. Holding the heel is a gesture meaning: supplanting, deceiving, manipulating, taking away some possession from another person, cheating, etc. Genesis 25:26.

Throughout history, Jacob and all his descendants have the DNA of supplanting deceit, manipulation, cheating. NOTE:
1. Jacob manipulated Esau to get Esau's birthright. Genesis 25:29-34.
2. Jacob deceived his father Isaac to receive his blessing which belonged to Esau. Genesis 27:1-40.
3. The prophet Hosea denounces Jacob because of his deceit: Hosea 12:3: "In the womb he [Jacob] tried to SUPPLANT [deceive] his brother."
4. Jeremiah the prophet rebukes the people of God in his day, saying:
"Beware of your neighbors,
and put no trust in any of your kin;
for all your kin are SUPPLANTERS [deceivers].
and every neighbor goes around like a slanderer.
They all DECEIVE their neighbors,
and no one speak the truth;
they have taught their tongues to speak LIES;
they commit iniquity and are too weary to repent.
Oppression upon oppression,
They refuse to know me, says the Lord." (Jeremiah 9:4-6).

We would all like to PRETEND that THEY are the people guilty of deceit, manipulation, cheating, etc. But we all know that each of us is guilty of this very problem. We all are recipients of this DNA.

God yearns for TRUTH--for a genuine heart and life. Let us pray fervently every day that God will help us avoid counterfeit, hypocrisy, deceit, manipulation. Above all else, may God help us be true and genuine.

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John Willis


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