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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cat Ba Langur

The Smithsonian Issue of 2010 calls attention to the Cat Ba Langur, stating that experts can find only 59 individuals of this species. It is very rare, and thus endangered.

Specialists have found these animals on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam and in Guangzi, China. The technical term is Trachypithecus poliocephalus.

This splendid monkey is overall blackish, but the crown, cheeks, and neck are yellowish or whitish. These animals are social and appear daily in limestone forests. Natives hunt these animals for "monkey balm," a traditional medicine in this region of the world. Most of these monkeys are females with little access to males. Some have concluded that these creatures are albinos, but this is quite uncertain.

God has put all creatures on earth for some reason, even when we human beings do not fully understand their purposes. We need to be respectful and protective of all animals in their proper setting. Above all else, rejoice and glorify the Creator of everything.

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