John T. Willis

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Charles Trevathan

One of my wonderful students at David Lipscomb University in the 1960s was Charles Trevathan. I also had his brother, Norman, who later became a teacher of history at Lipscomb, but came down with a serious disease and died at an early age.

Charles was always a bright, cooperative, cordial, engaging student. I thoroughly enjoyed being him in class and on campus. In time, Charles got into law, and had a significant law agency in Kentucky for several years.

In the 1980s, a poorly educated deviant assailant of ACU and a psychopathic transfer student attacked the university vehemently on the issue of "evolution". These individuals knew little or nothing about the real ideas of science and evolution, but they had much to say on such matters. When Charles Trevathan learned of this situation, he came to ACU and in short time single-handedly dealt with this issue on legal terms, and the assailants had to flee.

Charles proved to be a great teacher in Sociology. The students loved him. Charles would stay up deep into the night studying and reflecting. The administration and faculty and staff all appreciated Charles Trevathan and his wife greatly.

It was a great shock when Charles died suddenly in his office at ACU with a heart attack. Hundreds of people attended the funeral on the campus. Charles was relatively young when he died. We still miss him very much. I am honored that he was one of my students of the past.

John Willis


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