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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jennifer Doan

The delight of my life is my students. One of my former students was Jennifer Haltom. In time, she married Darby Doan, and thus is now Jennifer Doan. They have two children, Katherine and Johanna.

Jennifer was a gifted student. She blessed me in my class. Her major was business, and after she graduated in 1986, she moved into law and now she is a lawyer with Haltom and Doan, LLP, living in Texarkana, Texas. Jennifer has been on the ACU board for several years.

Through my 15 years of teaching at David Lipscomb University (1956-1971) and 39 years at ACU, I have strongly encouraged young women to use their gifts in their own chosen fields. Those who listen succeed.

Jennifer is the only woman at ACU who became the elected SA President of the student body. The students respected and loved Jennifer. She accomplished many things during her year 1985-1986, as the records show. In more recent years, Sarah Pulin became president of the SA when an elected male was impeached late in the second semester of the year.

I honor and highly respect Jennifer and also Sarah for their vision and contributions and enduring impact on this university.

The Bible honors many women even though some peoples and ideologies and churches even today seek to reduce or prohibit women. I think of Miriam and Zipporah and Deborah and Huldah and Esther and many others in the Hebrew Bible, and of Mary and Elizabeth and Priscilla and Lois and Eunice and Lydia and Tabitha and many others in the New Testament.

I want to honor Jennifer Doan, a woman of faith and courage and vision and service for the Lord. May God raise up more women like Jennifer.

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John Willis


  • Dr. Willis, I appreciate what you write on your blog, although I don't say so as often as I should.

    Thank you especially for what you wrote today in tribute to Jennifer. I agree with everything you said. I too pray that God will raise up more like Jennifer and that the day will come soon when all of the talents of gifted women are allowed to be fully used.


    By Blogger Mark, at 6:37 AM  

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