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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jim Mankin

Before I die, I want to honor as many of my former students as possible. My life is students. Evelyn and I love everyone. I want to honor as many as I can. Many of my former students have already died. Many are former students.

Jim Mankin was a student of mine at David Lipscomb University in the 1960s. Jim was a good thinker and speaker. He worked well in class and as a team. After his graduation, in time, Jim worked with Ira North at the Madison Church of Christ, and when Ira North became very ill and died, Jim became the pulpit preacher there. I remember that several times Ira North would have me on his radio program, and we fielded biblical questions and issues. Jim Mankin tied into this program.

Eventually, Jim Mankin moved to Abilene, Texas to teach at Abilene Christian University. Jim and Delores came to Highland, and in time, Jim became a shepherd [elder] at the Highland Church, and he and I served together as shepherds for several years.

In his classes, Jim often dramatized biblical stories. Jim would appear in the attire of a shepherd or a priest or a king, etc. The students greatly appreciated Jim's efforts to communicate the word of God. Jim held an administrative position for a few years. He was a pastoral figure. I greatly appreciated his attitude and his life.

It was a great loss when Jim came down with cancer and died at a relatively early age. Jim's picture is posted on the Bible Building at ACU. I am honored that Jim was one of my many wonderful students.

YOU may know some memorable stories about Jim Mankin. Share these stories with others. Jim has three children. I have lost touch with them intimately, although I hear about each of them from time to time. Jim was a good husband, a good father, a good Christian, a good preacher, a good preacher, a great friend. I miss him.

Let me hear from YOUR stories about Jim Mankin.

John Willis


  • John, thank you for this tribute to Jim Mankin. I think I only took one course from Jim while I was an undergraduate at ACU, but he made a big impression with his warmth and caring.

    By Blogger Christopher Heard, at 4:29 PM  

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