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Saturday, November 14, 2009

God's First Speech--Job 38:1-40:5--Part 3--God's Incomprehensible Birds

In God's First Speech, God concludes by parading three birds which he created. One again, God's point is that no human being can explain why each type of bird has its specific characteristics or how one can control that bird. God alone can do this. This portion of God's First Speech appears in Job 38:41; 39:13-18, 26-30. After this, God makes a concluding remark to Job (Job 40:1-2), and Job gives a very brief response (Job 40:3-5).

I. The Raven. Job 38:41. The raven survives only by seeking, attacking, and eating its prey--usually a rat or a small rabbit or some other type of rodent. The raven does this without any help by human beings. Yet, the raven survives and flourishes. Why is this? Because God has created the raven in just this way. No human being can explain the characteristics of a raven, nor can they control the raven.

II. The Ostrich. Job 39:13-18. It seems that an ostrich could never survive, yet it does and does this quite well.
a. The adult ostriches lay eggs on the ground, and then essentially abandon their young. Yet, the young gives birth, grows, and survives. Verses 13-17.
b. Once the ostrich becomes an adult, it runs swiftly and powerfully, and out maneuvers a horse. Verse 18.
An ostrich is quite different from a raven. But the ostrich does very well. Why is this? Because God has made the ostrich with just these characteristics. No human being can explain why the ostrich acts as it does. Nor can a human being control an ostrich.

III. The Hawk and the Eagle. Job 39:26-30. The hawk and the eagle fly high above the earth. It lives in rocky terrain and makes its nest there. The eye of the hawk and and eagle is very keen. It can see a prey at a very long distance. It swoops down swiftly, catches the prey, and brings it back to its young in the nest. Why is this? Because God has made the hawk and the eagle with these precise abilities and skills and characteristics. Human beings cannot make this happen, nor can they control these powerful creatures.

IV. After Yahweh's First long Speech, Yahweh asks Job pointedly:
"Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty?" Job 40:1-2.
As we have discusses throughout Job's speeches, Job often "finds fault" with God, accuses Job of making Job suffer without just cause, and challenges God to meet Job in a fair court trial. Now, Yahweh appears and reprimands Job for his ignorance and lack of the knowledge of God.

V. Job responds briefly and humbly:
"See I am of small account;
what shall I answer you [Yahweh]?
I have spoken once, and I will not answer,
twice, but will proceed no further." (Job 40:3-5).
Remember that Job had claimed that IF God would just appear and give Job a chance to defend himself: "I would fill my mouth with arguments" (Job 23:4). However, when God appears and speaks, Job has absolutely nothing to say. Job concedes that God WINS THE DEBATE--hands down!!!
Why doesn't the Book of Job end at this point--at Job 40:5? What follows gives the answer to this. God is not interesting in WINNING ARGUMENTS, but in WINNING PEOPLE!!!
There is a tremendous for all of us today. Many assume that "true religion" or "Christianity" is based on "correct arguments." The Bible teaches that this as far from the truth as possible. God is interesting in transforming hearts. And thus, God now turns to his Second Speech.

Stay with us!!! What are YOUR insights about God's First Speech? Share YOUR ideas with your community, your church, your family, your friends. Let me hear from YOU.

John Willis


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