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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God's First Speech--Job 38:1-40:5--Part 2--God's Incomprehensible Animals

After God presents some of his inanimate creations on the universe and on planet earth, God next discusses five animals which he has created. Job 38:39-40; 39:1-12, 19-25 describes these five animals. In each case, God makes two major points:
A. Human beings cannot do the feats of these creatures.
B. Human beings cannot control or invent the activities or practices of these creatures.
Here are this discussion of these five animals.

I. The Lion. Job 38:39-40. God challenges any human being to hunt and kill and eat the prey of a lion as it crouches in its den or lair. How humorous to think of a human being running after a gazelle, jump on its back, bite its jugular vein, tear the animal apart, drag it to its den, and eat its raw. It is unthinkable that a human being would do such a thing, but this is vital to the survival of a lion. God's work is amazing. God does these things without human aid.

II. The Mountain Goat. Job 39:1-4. God challenges the conception, gestation, birth, and upbringing of a mountain goat. All this happens in the wild apart from human beings, yet their young grow up and become strong, and in time become independent from their forebears. God is marvelous. God does these things without human aid.

III. The Wild Ass. Job 39:5-8. God challenges the customary activities of the wild ass. The wild ass is born in the wild, grows up, and lives independently and very well. It avoids the city and refuses to allow a human being ride on his back. It eats pasture on the mountains and in the fields. God does wondrous things. God does these things without human aid.

IV. The Wild Ox. Job 39:9-12. God challenges the temper of the wild ox. No human being dare attempt to tame the wild ox or make it work in the field like a domesticated ox or mule. How humorous to think that a wild ox would spend the night in the crib of a human being. No human being could possible harness and drive a wild ox. The temper of the wild ox will not allow this. God is wise and powerful. God does these things without human aid.

V. The Horse. Job 39:19-25. God challenges the skill and dexterity of a horse. It would be preposterous to think of a human being ride on a hippopotamus or a rhinoceros or a crocodile. But a horse is "made" for riding and battle in war. A human being mounts on a horse, and with training, trains the horse to do marvelous feats and lead armies into battle and engage in competitive races and numerous others things. God's creation is captivating. God does these things without human aid.

Job does not respond to God's challenges. It is obvious to everyone that human beings cannot do any of these things, yet God does these things regularly. SO, how can any human being be in a position to question God's work in dealing with human suffering. Job's criticisms of God are completely inappropriate. And God makes this very clear by raising all these questions having to do with God's creative work throughout the universe and on earth.

What are YOUR thoughts about these five creations of God? How do YOU react to God's treatment of Job's complaints throughout Job's speeches? Share YOUR ideas with others. Let me hear from YOU.

John Willis


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