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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Satan--Part 4

There is still another issue at stake involving [the] Satan as presented in the story of Job in Job 1-2. As I hear and read different assumptions or insinuations or affirmations in this account, I want to attempt to address a related issue in this blog. How does the composer of the book of Job present GOD in relation to [the] Satan in Job 1-2?

1. Some people seem to conclude that in Job 1-2, God appears as a "loose cannon." God is unstable, untangible, erratic. No one know what God might do next. After all, Job is a "righteous" person, and yet God "invites" or "challenges" [the] Satan to assail or attack or try to destroy Job. Can one trust or serve such a God? In my opinion, this is a VERY INCORRECT view, but many people seem to make this conclusion from reading and studying Job 1-2.

2. Some people seem to think God is "capricious" or "fickle." God may be one way on Monday, but a different way on Tuesday. If this is true, certainly NO ONE could depend on God. Again, in my opinion, this is not the way the composer of the book of Job presents God.

3. Some propose that God is schizophrenic, a split personality, a dual or multiple personality. God is both good and evil. This explains WHY God initiated Job's terrible losses. Again, sorry, this is not the way the composer of the book of Job presents God.

4. Some suggest that God is mischievous. God is all powerful and all wise. Human beings are weak and ignorant compared with God. And God enjoys making human beings "squirm" and "suffering" and experience "deep embarrassments." Hence, Job 1-2 presents God as using Job [one of numerous human beings] as a "play toy," a "dupe," a "fool," just to have God's fun at Job' expense. My response is: Does the Bible portray God as treating human beings in such a way? In my opinion: I think NOT!!!

Why, then, does God specifically approach [the] Satan and DARE [the] Satan to TEST, ASSAULT, ATTACK Job? Is God's INTENTION is to make Job suffer, or to destroy Job's faith? I get the impression that [the] Satan DESIRES to do just this. But is this God's intention? I think not. But why? Could it be that God has something else in mind?

I hope to get into this issue in the next blog.

What are YOUR thoughts? I am often blinded. Share me YOUR insights. We all need one another if we are going to grow spiritually. Let me hear from YOU.

John Willis


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