John T. Willis

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tana River Crested Mangabey

In the southeastern part of Kenya in African is the Tana River floodplain. This is the only habitat on earth where the Crested Mangabey lives. The Mangabey is a white monkey. Its body is between 17 and 25 inches long, and its tail is between 15 and 30 inches long. The technical term of the Mangabey is Cercocebus galeritus.

For the ongoing existence of the Crested Mangabey, the Tana River needs more trees. The Mangabey is a social monkey and spends very little time in the brances. These monkeys scour the forest floor of food that drops from of is sheltered by the trees. These Mangabey groups consist of numerous females, their offspring and up to approximately six adult males.

The Mangabey monkeys are endangered as a result of human beings removing the timber, agriculture, forest fires and changes in the flow of the Tana River. In 1978, the Kenyan Government created the Tana River Primate Reserve to try to sustain the Mangabey and the Colobus. Experts estimate that approximately 1,200 Mangabey monkeys still live on earth.

I hope YOU appreciate and attempt to support ALL of God's creatures on earth, including the Crested Mangabey. Far above this, I hope YOU are thankful for God's marvelous gifts and seek to serve HIM.

Abundant Blessings--John Willis


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