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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Introduction of Luke--Part II

There have been several theories about the relationship between Matthew, Mark, and Luke. After much study, I am assuming that one should take Luke 1:1-4 seriously. If so, the author of the Book of Luke used oral and written sources. Careful comparisons between the synoptic gospels indicate Luke used three sources:
1. The Gospel of Mark
2. An unnamed source found in doublets between Matthew and Luke. The German term is Quelle, meaning "Source." Thus, many scholars call this Q.
3. Materials appearing in the Gospel of Luke only. The "source" of this material is unknown.

Following Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S. J., in the Anchor Bible 28, page 134, one may outline the Gospel of Luke in the following way. [Remember, other scholars outline this work in different ways].
The Prologue: 1:1-4
The Infancy Narrative: 1:5-2:52
The Preparation for the Public Ministry of Jesus: 3:1-4:13
The Galileean Ministry of Jesus: 4:14-9:50
The Travel Account: 9:51-19:27
The Ministry of Jesus in Jerusalem: 19:28-21:38
The Passion Narrative: 22:1-23:56a
The Resurrection Narrative: 23:56b-24:53

One needs to pay attention to the major themes throughout Luke. Briefly stated, the major themes are:
God is interested in and will save people from all nations
God will reverse the so-called positions of people, for example, God will exalt the poor above the rich, etc.
God wishes to save all people through Jesus Christ.
The Word of the Lord is central to God's message through Jesus Christ
God desires to bring all people to repentance and conversion to God
God calls all people to come to God by FAITH, that is, TRUST in God alone

Share YOUR insights and thoughts with others. Let me hear from YOU.

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