John T. Willis

Friday, June 25, 2010

Max Lucado

I am overwhelmingly blessed by my wonderful students. One of my former students is Max Lucado.

Max was a very attentive and creative student. While he was at ACU, we was very active in the university ministry at Highland. Along with Terry Cagle and Bryan Gibbs, he taught in our class with hundreds of students in those days.

Max and Bryan joined our team in Rio de Janeiro. During those years, Evelyn and I went to Rio to try to encourage this fine team. Through the years, they have done a great work. Max and Bryan and the rest learned Portuguese, and had and still have a great impact on that part of the world.

Max returned to the USA, and became the preacher at Oak Hills in San Antonio. This church grew to over 5,000 members, and this church continues to do marvelous things throughout the world.

Max and Denalyn and their three children have a great family. I was honored to have Jenna in my class in more recent years.

One year, Max preached at ACU and motivated thousands of students here. This impact was significant.

Max has written many important books. One of his most recent books is FEARLESS. We have used this book in our studies at Highland. READ MAX's BOOKS. His works emphasize the important teachings in the Bible. They addresses issues in ways that touch the hearts of human beings.

A few years ago, the Reader's Digest honored Max and the BEST PREACHER of the year in the United States. Max has spoken at the National Prayer Convention before the President, the US Staff, and the Senate and House of Representatives.

I am so thankful for the efforts and spirit of Max and Denalyn and his family.

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John Willis


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