John T. Willis

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whistling Ducks

Very often, a flock of ten to fifteen whistling ducks circle around above our house and land on our yard to feed near our feeders under the trees and on the patio. These are beautiful birds. I hope you can see them. They have an orange beak and orange feet, brown on the body with white on the top of their wings, and black bellied. They are approximate 20 inches long.

Whistling ducks breeds from southernmost United States and tropical Central to south-central South America. This bird lives primarily in Texas, but appears seasonally in southeast Arizona and Louisiana's Gulf Coast. Rarely, it appears in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

In Mexico, whistling ducks are called "cornfield ducks" because they have the habit of visiting fields after harvest. These ducks have an odd call, like a "whistle." One early American ornithologist calls this a "most un-duck like" creature.

Whistling ducks are just another example of God's wonderful creation. Each of God's creatures is full of surprises. What a joy to watch and listen to these ducks. They are unique. YOU are unique. God made YOU like God wanted YOU to be. Rejoice in God's creation of YOU.

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John Willis


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