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Friday, September 25, 2009


This week at ACU, we experienced our annual lectureship, which is now called Summit. Brady Bryce, one of my former students, coordinates the lectureship now--in his second year. Brady does a great job. His team works well.

The theme this year is Standing on the Mountain of God, built around the book of Exodus. The speakers are excellent, and touch the hearts of all the people, especially our students, who came in large crowds. I do not yet know the total, but there are approximately 10,000 people in all.

I had the joy of meeting many of my former students and dear friends from around the world--from all over the USE, from Hawaii, from Ghana, from Zagreb, from Thailand, from all over Europe and South America and Canada, and it goes on and on.

Four special things stand out in this year's summit.
1. Our students prayed around the clock (24 hours a day) through summit. When this many young people constantly arrange a prayer time like this, God is surely present. I am so thankful for all my students.
2. The atmosphere is inclusive rather than exclusive. The people of God gathered here essentially open our hearts to other people, not just people from churches of Christ. As you know, our population of "Church of Christ" students at ACU is now less than 50%. Most of our students are deeply committed Christian people, and their goals and contributions are marvelous. Anyone coming to ACU would be thrilled at what our students are doing each week.
3. The long-established walls between races and genders and denominational practices and beliefs are slowly evaporating. There is much more emphasis now on God and Christ and the Holy Spirit rather than matters of mint and dill and cummin, minors rather than important issues of life.
4. People here are finally beginning to realize that life is much bigger than "religious" activities done in restricted ways in "church buildings." There is so much more emphasis here at Summit on ministry, serving others, and unity and fellowship in a broad sense.

I am wholly supportive of what Brady Bryce and his fine team are doing. We all look forward to future Summits in Septembers here in Abilene.

I hope YOU were there. If not, you can get DVDs of all the presentations. Let me hear from YOU.

John Willis


  • I did not get to come this year, but I did get to watch some via the net... what a great tool! I am thankful both my kids are there at ACU now to hear such great lessons and to be challenged in this way!

    By Blogger Mark Henry, at 1:58 PM  

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